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Working together as a team to put the pieces in order for an effortless closing

  • Provide the Purchase and Sales Agreement, addendum(s) and disclosure(s) as soon as possible to the Settlement Agent.

  • Provide contact information for all parties.

  • Advise the Settlement Agent if your customers has any special needs (physical limitations, location constraints and time constraints), if they'll be present or not at closing.

  • Please inform the Settlement Agent if the property is in Foreclosure, Short-Sale, Estate Sale or Divorce situtation, additional document is needed an my cause delay if not obtained in a timely matter.

  • If investment property, please collect and provide to the Settlement Agent all documentation relating to the Rental and/or Lease Agreements as soon as possible. If buyer is assuming responsibility for the tenant(s) and will be receiving rents and deposit(s) thru closing.  Also supplying names and numbers for the tenants so that Settlement Agent can get Estoppel Letters completed in time for closing.

  • Encourage your customers to respond to any requests for information from the Settlement Agent.  A lack of requested information such as new lender information, loan payoff, prior owners policy, management contact information and/or survey could be costly not only in time but in fees.

  • If your customer is Foreign, please make sure that FIRPTA is covered with them and that they should have a CPA help them with the filing of the 8288 forms the IRS will require at closing.  (If your customer needs one referred please contact this office)

  • If issues arise from the Inspection report, please make sure the repairs and re-inspections occur prior to the scheduling of the closing date and time.

  • Once the results from the searches come in they'll be distributed for everyone's review. If something seems out of the ordinary, call this office.  It may be something perfectly reasonable. 

Every closing is Unique.  This checklist is intended to prepare  for a smooth and successful closing. 

If you have any closing questions or concerns please contact this office.

561-295-4114 or 844-484-4114

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